Allergy test (blood draw)

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For the allergy test, do I only need to be tested once in a lifetime?
An allergy test only reflects the current concentration of specific antibodies inside the body. With changes of body status and exposure to the environment, the type and quantity of specific antibodies may change, which needs to be determined by another test.
What should I pay attention to before taking an allergy test?
You can just keep your original eating habits before the test, and don't need to be on any diet.
To take the test, what should I pay attention to?
Customers should present their identity documents to confirm their identity on the testing day. Steroid medications or/and immunosuppressant may affect the test results. Abstaining from certain foods for three months or more may affect the test result too. The test result should only be used as a reference and is not suitable for diagnosis or/and treatment. The purchased service is valid for 2 months, and customers should get tested within 2 months of purchase (from the date of payment confirmation). It will become invalid afterwards. If you have any questions about our tests, please call our centre at (852) 2697 1115.
How to conduct the allergy test?
If you want to know what allergens are affecting you, only 3 ml of blood is needed for testing.
How long will it take to receive allergy test reports?
Within 5 working days.
If I am allergic to certain substances, will my child have the same allergic reaction?
If you have the tendency to develop allergic diseases, your child is also likely to inherit this characteristics. However, your levels of allergy may not be the same. If you want to know more about your allergy, please get tested and consult the doctors or nutritionists.
Is there any difference between immediate onset (IgE) and delayed onset (IgG) food allergy?
Types of food allergy
Immediate Onset Food Allergy Delayed Onset Food Allergy
Cause The immune system has mistaken the common substances for invaders and causes series of inflammation
Mediators IgE antibodies IgG antibodies
Onset of symptoms Within minutes or up to two hours Within hours to days
  • Symptoms are acute and apparent (e.g. skin rashes, runny nose, sneezing)
  • Relatively easy to track the culprits
  • Symptoms are delayed and subtle (e.g. bloating, migraine, tiredness)
  • Hard to track the culprits
At what age can I take Sensitivity-PRO IgG Food Sensitivity Test?
It is recommended to be taken after 2 years of age.

Genetic test (buccal swab)

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How should I store the sample after taking the buccal swab?
After sampling, place the swab back into the collection tube directly, and store at room temperature. Please return the sample swab back to our laboratory as soon as possible.
How long will it take to receive the genetic test report?
Within 15 -18 working days
How can I do the test at home?
Simply use the buccal swab in the sampling box. Rub each swab back and forth across the inner lining of your cheek while rotating for 20 times to ensure that there are enough cheek cells. If needed, you can also visit our laboratory in person and our technician will help you to collect the samples. For details, please watch the video: https://youtu.be/HpEGLSph2SE
If the test results show that my child does not have certain talent or personality traits, how should I treat or deal with it?
The purpose of the Talent-PRO genetic testing is to help parents learn more about their children's possible talents, personality and physique so that they can find suitable directions to bring up their children. If the test results show that your child may not have certain talents, it reflects that nurturing may be more important. More efforts will be needed if you want your child to develop in this aspect. Individualizing the teaching approach to each child's aptitude and personality is exactly what we are focusing on.
Does a person only need to do the genetic test once in a lifetime?
Yes! Each item only needs to be tested once. We provide different testing services, and it is recommended to choose the most suitable one for yourself. In general, our genes will not change in our lifetime. So for each item in the Talent-PRO, Wellness-PRO & Beauty-PRO we just need to be tested once. if you are interested in our Talent-PRO, we strongly recommend your child to take the test before 1 year old, so that you can learn your child’s potential and possible weaknesses earlier in terms of talent, personality and physique, and nurture it appropriately.
Can I visit 22PLUS office for sample collection?
We welcome all customers to visit our company for sampling. Customers can call our service hotline directly to make an appointment of sampling service. Our office opens from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 7:00 pm (except public holidays), and our professional team is always at your service.
What can I do if I have questions about the report?
After you receive our report, if you have any questions, you can call our customer service staff at 2697 1115. We are happy to answer all questions about your testing results. In addition, we also provide genetic counselling appointment services to fully take care of your needs.