Testing Steps

  • This technique can measure the amount of IgE antibody flowing in the fluid
  • Can detect up to 112 types of allergens separately

After the online payment, our customer service staff would phone you to confirm the successful payment and make an appointment for sample collection


The sampling process is simple, only need to draw 3ml of blood by our specialist


Detects up to 112 types of allergen reactions with the most advanced technology


Data analysis - Professional reports with user-friendly charts


Deliver the report result to the testee

Who should take this test?/ Target Audience

Comprehensive identification of allergens

Suitable for those who are ages 1 or above

Patients with allergies

Easy to get allergies

One or both of the parents have allergy

Experience the following symptoms in daily life, but cannot find out the cause: skin problems, eczema, allergic rhinitis, etc.

School-age children: Children's immune system is not mature and will easily be affected by allergens. Allergy test can be used to understand the cause and avoid the allergies

Focus on personal health management