Simple procedure, safe and fast

No bloodless procedure, simply use the buccal swab, you can collect the sample at home

Comprehensive Test

The test has covered up to 15 major skin categories which take care of your skin is from the inside out. And help you choose the most suitable products to improve your skin and maximize the effectiveness

Test report issue within 15-18 working days

Testing steps


Online payment (Free local delivery & return)
Cash payment (visit our company for sample collection)


Use the cheek swabs found in the kit to collect your DNA
Online payment (after sample collection at home, you can return it with the completed form to our laboratory)
Pay now (the sample will be collected by our specialist directly if you visit our laboratory)


Test with the most advanced technology


Data analysis - our scientific team will extract and process your DNA to analyse the genes


Reporting the result by email within 15-18 days